Volunteer Feature: Sanctuary

Sanctuary offers psychosocial support in a non-medical event or emergency. As a UBS department, it is a safe, comfortable, and private space for participants that need a caring listener or low-stimulus environment. Sanctuary volunteers hold space and offer open-minded listening, validation, and comfort to help participants if they are experiencing mental or physical distress.

What help does Sanctuary provide? Participants can seek Sanctuary for themselves or be brought in by people around them who are trying to assist them. Sanctuary calls may involve issues such as difficult experiences with a substance, relationship stresses, personal problems triggered by something at the event, or participants who are dealing with unwanted advances or personal boundary violations from another participant. Any kind of issue that is causing emotional distress for a participant is where Sanctuary can be of assistance.

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The Sanctuary Lead must be a licensed Mental Health Therapist or have 3+ years experience as a MHA at a Regional Burn Event

Let us know! email SafetyAF@houstonburners.org