May 2021: Houston Burners is currently in the Public Comment part of recruitment of new members to the non-profit Board of Directors.

Please share your thoughts with us about the applicants. Your answers will remain private, and will be viewed only by the current members of the Houston Burners board. You may choose to keep your answers anonymous, and we’ve also included a question for your email and/or phone number if you’d like to make yourself available for follow-up. The nominees that have applied for a position on the board are:

  • BAMF (Bad Ass Mary-Frances), Mary-Frances Moore
  • Bunny Daddy, Jason Huff
  • Ranger Clover, Michael Bradley
  • Vvoman, Lynda White

 You’ll have two weeks to get your comments in for any or all of the applicants. Please submit all comments by midnight on June 2nd.

UnBroken Spring Update: Want to have a fall 2021 UnBroken Spring? Houston Burners is evaluating potential dates for a decision this month. You can help by providing your opinion about the best dates to build the playa on the prairie this year. Your input will also assist the volunteer board to evaluate how many tickets we can handle.

Please help spread the word and consider participating in UnBroken Spring. This year may be a more focused event bootstrapping as much as possible from our pre-investment in 2020, focused on getting down like we need to at a basic level — and revitalizing volunteer communities here in Texas or beyond.
Open the poll for more details and potential dates.

UnBroken Spring 2021 Community Poll

April, 2021: The Collaborative Houston Art & Performance Society is the non-profit organization that handles legal and financial items for the Houston Burner warehouse and Unbroken Spring. The organization is known as (dba) Houston Burners (and occasionally the acronym CHAPS).

We are looking for people to add to the Houston Burners Board of Directors, and we’d like to hear from you.  Do you know somebody you think would be a good choice for a board member?  Would you like to serve on the board yourself?

You can read about Houston Burners and its activities, and the role of board members here.

You can fill out the nomination form here: NOMINATION FORM

There is no minimum number of nominations a person must receive to be considered, and anyone may nominate themselves. Anyone may submit multiple nominations.

2016 Johanna St. Community Warehouse

Current activity at the warehouse includes Warehouse Wednesdays. The CDC guidelines have recently changed to We are monitoring public announcements from the Harris County Health website, and will update here when it is determined safe for proceed with limited, social-distancing gatherings. If you are interested in small group access please contact board@houstonburners.org.

Coronavirus precautions: radically inclusive with cautionary actions to ensure the safety of our diverse participants. RESPECT: 

  • Consent matters- Ask, rather than assume, if it is OK to hug, touch, or be in someone’s space
  • Max of 6 people inside the warehouse at any time
  • Wear your face mask! to protect others who may be at high risk
  • Maintain 6’ physical distance throughout the meetup
  • Distanced street parking leaves more space on the “patio” to talk outside and make some plans
  • Best practices include: Signs to remind everyone of distancing, floor markers to help with traffic flow and direction, Disinfection of spaces before and after small gatherings, A collaborative intention to keep everyone safe
  • If you feel unsafe, say so and find a way to make it better for everyone


  • Board members all have keys and will be the leads on the micro meetups this month
  • Sign up for a micro meetup HERE!
  • Bring a face covering and wash your hands! 
  • Come explore the work space and build some dreams for future teamwork.

S E E   Y ‘ A L L   T H E R E  ! !  !   ! 


If you’re looking for info from announcements over the past year, please visit our archival page > Past Announcements.