UnBroken Spring 2023: Theme Submission Now Open

Each year, the Houston area burner community holds an all-volunteer run, camping experiment of temporary community inspired by Burning Man in celebration of art, music, creativity and radical self-expression. To attend the event you must be 21+ years of age, all tickets are purchased through an account on houstonburners.org – it’s free to sign up.

Tenets that bind our community and influence the character of our events include:

  • No spectators, solely volunteer operation
  • A gifting economy means no money, vending, nor bartering are sanctioned
  • Leave No Trace, we leave all spaces better than we found them and pack out our own trash
  • Personal responsibility to a very high degree
  • Consent and universal respect for individuals & community


UBS 2023 is still in the process of securing land for our event, the search is on! The hope is to land on a property that is located within 2 hours of Houston, 4hrs max. 
For a location, currently under consideration are areas in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Texas coastal beach..  Stay Tuned for an exact date

COVID Policy

To provide transparency to the community regarding our new COVID policy, no vaccine verification or testing pre-testing required for entry. However, temperature checks will be done at the gate to prevent symptomatic participants from entering the event. We highly encourage you to follow recommendations of the CDC, and local health authorities. All policies are subject to change due to evolving conditions, including land-owner requirements.

Themes Submission now open!

Each year the community choose a theme to inspire members to explore and create artwork, theme camps, costumes, and entertainment in a new and different way.   

Submit You idea here

Tickets Prices and Release Schedule TBD

Buy UnBroken Spring Tickets

Art Support$TBD plus feesPENDING
Tier 1$TBD plus feesPENDING
Critical Volunteer$TBD plus feesPENDING


Participate. Everyone is doing it!

You are what makes our event strong.  There are a number of ways to participate. The best way to experience a burn is to Volunteer

Attend a Work Weekend at the event site TBA!


Volunteering is crucial to the preparation, daily progress, and continuance of our event. Volunteer Intake Form MUST be completed BEFORE you are able to signup for shifts.

If you have volunteered in past years as a Department Lead or Area Facilitator, you MUST complete this form again and contact board@houstonburners.org for confirmation. 

Community input and volunteer participation will be instrumental in determining the number of attendees, i.e. tickets that can be released.

We will primarily be using the Slack platform https://slack.com/ for inter-volunteer communications. You must have access to Slack on your smartphone or computer. If you are not able, or don’t have access to such devices, please email board@houstonburners.org so that we can help you find alternate communication channels such as email.
All information collected on this form is used by Houston Burners Board Members, and Department Leads

We need a minimum number of Volunteers across multiples areas & departments needed in order to be able to hold UnBroken Spring safely. You can sign up for a volunteer shift and track sign up progress here. Thanks for your participation!

Visit the volunteer signup page for a complete list of volunteer positions when opened.

Training Opportunities

Check out upcoming Training opportunities here.

Interested in helping with the Effigy?

Go to the Effigy Page

Join the Effigy Team Facebook group

Art and Art Grants

Art is where its at! The Art Support tickets help fund a higher percentage of art projects every year. Collaborative Houston Arts and Performance Society is committed to helping artists find funding and assistance with their projects. *The Art Grants submission is currently closed for committee review.   UBS 2022 Art Grant Application is now closed

Join the Facebook Art Ignition Group to learn about Art team meetings to contribute ideas and proposals. Please feel free to contact orangemike@houstonburners.org or board@houstonburners.org for questions, proposals, or suggestions.

Theme Camp Registration

A Theme Camp is a group of participants of any size who come together to gift art or experiences to the Unbroken Spring community. You may plan on bringing incredible interactive art or something small scale, or even a concept or performance that you want to share with participants. You may have a fun name or theme. You may have an elaborately decorated camp. Or not. There are no requirements. Your camp’s space will be placed on the map in a zone appropriate to your needs.  

Theme Camp Registration form is PENDING. This will include links for Early Entry Policy and Early Entry Form.

Art Car Registration

There is no Department of Mutant Vehicles this year.  If you are bringing an art car please REGISTER HERE (closed), decorate/Artify your vehicle and observe City Speed Limits.

RV Registration

RVs & Motorhome Registration is PENDING.  If you are bringing a RV, Gate will coordinate an Operations escort to get you to your campsite. 

Survival Guide!

check it out!

Needed Donations

We will be updating our Needed Donation List very soon. 

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