UnBroken Spring Work Weekends

Thanks for considering attending a UBS Work Weekend! These weekends are a great opportunity to connect with other volunteers and get your hands dirty. 

UBS Work Weekends will adhere to the same COVID-19 guidelines as for UnBroken Spring 2022. There will be a Gate at each work weekend and everyone will need to check in upon arrival. 

How to get there

Please use caution navigating the Grand 99 highway construction happening at FM 1960. The construction barricades make County Road 615 entrance hard to see.

County Rd 615, Dayton, TX 77535
30°04’45.3″N 94°58’33.9″W

Once you arrive in Houston, Get yourself eastbound on FM 1960 past Highway 69. Keep driving past Lake Houston and FM 2100. Continue driving another 7 miles east. You will see a Shell Station/Country Store on your left. Keep going another 900ft, then turn left onto CR615. Head north about 3 miles, you will cross a rail-road track. this will turn into a dirt road. The next dirt road on your left will have a white gate with purple polls.  Turn left there and follow the road to the event center.

RV’s & Motorhomes are allowed at Work Weekends with restrictions for travel and parking. Please specify on this form if you plan to bring an RV or Motorhome to UBS 2022 Work Weekends


Please read the UBS Attendee and Ticket Policies details.  All work weekend volunteers will need to SIGN UP in advance, this helps to estimate the number of volunteers for Hospitality and for COVID-19 precautions.

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • There will be a COVID-19 screening each volunteer will complete at Work Weekend Gate.
  • All work weekend participants must be fully vaccinated and confirm vaccination status with VaxYes. Please sign up right away so you can provide the Gate w VaxYes verification QR code that you will receive.
  • Questions or concerns, please email board@houtonburners.org. 

Animals are not allowed at the camping event, nor any of the work weekends.  *Service Animals are exempt, and must be pre-registered and leashed at all times.  Rights and Responsibilities of People Using Service Animals.


Installation Weekend- Mar 11-13 

Friday starting at 6pm Gate Open. Please arrive no later than 10pm
check-in at gate, setup tent and overnight arrangements
CHECK IN project & task briefing Trim tree limbs along Main Street Clean Ops area and Reinforce bridges 1 PM LUNCH and then group walkabout Clear camping areas Clean/Reinforce shower area and facilities Map Campsites for work needed and muddy areas 7 PM DINNER - main dish provided; bring your own drink & vessel *we welcome any side dish or dessert you love to share! SUN 9 AM BREAKFAST Check out walkway into hanging gardens Finish unfinished work Jump in the lake!


This is a radically self-reliant event!

What to bring:

  • water  |  food |   drinking vessel
  • appropriate clothes (boots and long pants are useful on property)
  • hat  |  sunscreen  |   mosquito spray
  • work gloves  |  headlamp/flashlight
  • tent  |  firewood
  • Tools:  line trimmers | lopers | axes | hatchets  | saws  |  shovels  hoes |  pole saws  |  drills prefer battery powered
  • whatever else you need to feel comfortable

Please create a profile on houburners.wpengine.com if you would like to attend a work weekend. 

Please contact if you have any questions.