UnBroken Spring Volunteers

are UnBroken Spring…

Volunteering is crucial to the preparation, daily progress, and continuance of UBS. 

An essential number of Volunteers is needed across multiples areas & departments in order to be able to hold UnBroken Spring safely. Community input and volunteer participation are instrumental in determining the number of attendees, i.e. tickets that can be released.

If you volunteered for any shifts at UBS 2023, please fully complete this ALL UBS 2023 Volunteers AfterBurn Report Form.


Slack is the primary platform https://slack.com/ for inter-volunteer communications. You must have access to Slack on your smartphone or computer. If you are not able, or don’t have access to such devices, please email board@houstonburners.org to assist in finding alternate communication channels such as email. Some roles may also entail the use of UBS department email addresses. Slack will remain open for UBS 2024 planning.