Unbroken Spring Supplies List

As we build our way to Unbroken Spring 2020, we are on the look out for materials & supplies to create the City.


If you can donate any of the following items Donated items can be dropped off at the Burner Warehouse (908 Winston Street 77009) every Wednesday at Church Night between 8pm-10pm.  Additional drop-off times will be posted.

*Tarps (any size)
*Pop-ups/EZ-ups/Shade structures
*Spray paint (all colors)
*4 ft x 3 ft White board (2)
*Glow sticks (25)
*Heavy-Duty flashlights (2)

*Pop-ups/EZ-ups/Shade structures
*Water Coolers


*Easy Up Canopies (3)
*Yellow Caution Tape
*Wooden Stakes – 3.5 feet ht.
*Cots (2)
*Insulated water Dispensers
*Pillows for Sanctuary
*Blankets for Sanctuary
*Coloring Books for Sanctuary

Hot water dispensers for Sanctuary (2)
Folding camp chairs for Sanctuary (4)
Assorted tea bags for Sanctuary (1 case)
Tea/Coffee Insulated Paper cups for Sanctuary (1 case)


Details coming soon!