We need YOU!

Our Houston regional, Unbroken Spring, is entirely volunteer-driven and the event can’t happen without your help.

The people working on the event are organized into five departments, headed by Department Coordinators. Each department consists of multiple teams, each with their own focus and Team Lead.

The departments and teams are laid out in the chart and the departments are described in more detail below, along with the names and contact emails for the the Coordinators.

We’re looking for help in every department. If you have a lot of time, or just a little time, we have something for you to do.  If you can come early to the event, or late, or not at all, we still need your talents.

We’re also looking for donated materials… have a look at our wish list.

In the signup form below, you’re given an opportunity to pick a department (or several!) where you’d like to volunteer.

Come help make Unbroken Spring 2022 a success!


  1. Actual Board Members – Reach all Houston Burners board members in one email board@houstonburners.org
  2. Art – the Art Department is responsible for curating all the lovely sights and sounds at the event. It plans and builds the centerpiece effigy we’ll burn. It supports artists in bringing their art pieces to the event. It decorates public spaces and designs the marketing collateral for the event.  art@houstonburners.org
  3. Business – the Business Department works to ensure the event stays out of trouble with the community and in the black financially. It handles ticket sales, gate staff, the event’s website, as well as the legal, accounting, finance, risk management and tax elements of the event.  sheila@houstonburners.org
  4. Operations – the Operations Department keeps the event running smoothly. It handles event layout, theme camp placement, event setup and teardown, parking and equipment usage.   Email them at operations@houstonburners.org
  5. Safety – the Safety Department works to pair trained participant volunteers with specific areas of concern related to mentoring, medical, and resourceful info. It also ensure that controls are in place for art we plan to burn.  safetyaf@houstonburners.org
  6. Rangers – rangers@houstonburners.org
  7. Sanctuary – sanctuary@houstonburners.org
  8. Guardians – guardians@houstonburners.org
  9. Volunteer – the Volunteer Department coordinates our most important resource — our volunteers! Key efforts include matching volunteers with event needs (i.e. you can help wherever), coordinating work weekends, scheduling staff shifts, Greeters and Hospitality. board@houstonburners.org

Start the volunteer process by filling out the Volunteer signup Intake Form. We’ll then be in contact to get you started.