Unbroken Spring Arts Grant Program

The Arts Grant Program will fund two separate tiers of projects:

Village Art Pieces

In the entrance or central part of each our 5 Villages at unBroken Spring, there will be a Village Art Piece.  We are funding the 5 art pieces at $400 each for our community members to propose & create.

To submit your idea, please prepare a Letter of Interest with your proposal, relevant design drawings, estimated budget, and general plan of action- and CLICK HERE to fill out the Grant Form.

Deadline to Submit is JANUARY 20th!    Contact Sy if you have any questions or would like more information.

UBS FRESH Open Arts Grant

This level of grant is intended to support artists at a lower financial level to support smaller projects or to contribute toward transportation costs of existing art projects.

CLICK HERE to fill out the Grant Form.

If you are interested in this grant, please email Sy.ubs2018@gmail.com for more information.