UBS Tickets (DGS)

Welcome Home!

We are excited about Unbroken Spring 2019, our Houston-area regional, and we’re glad you are, too! If you’re looking for tickets, you’re in the right place.


Where can I learn more about the event and/or volunteer?
You can learn more about Unbroken Spring 2019 here. If you’d like to consider volunteering, check out the planning page. Participation is at the core of our event and we need volunteers like you!

How many tickets can I  buy?
You can buy as many tickets as you want! However, please buy them one at a time. This makes it easier for our volunteers to place each ticket in the right person’s name and make sure they’ve signed off on the liability waiver.

There’s a liability waiver?
Yes. Just like last year and most regional events, all participants are asked to sign a liability waiver.  It’s contained in the Terms of Use associated with your membership here. Please also note that the Privacy Policy associated with your membership here also applies to the event. We did things this way to keep everything simple and easily accessible.

I’m buying a ticket for someone else. How do I get the ticket registered in the right name?
Please ask that person to signup for the website as a member. This will also have them agree to the liability waiver and privacy policy (see above). You can list the person for whom you’re buying  the ticket on the checkout form, or you can email Once we’ve confirmed this person has signed up for the website, we’ll transfer the ticket.

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