UBS 2023 Tickets On Sale

Texas Music River Ranch

UnBroken Spring “Door To Otter Space” Thursday-Sunday, March 16-19, 2023

New for 2023: Only 1 ticket may be purchased per order/transaction.

To purchase a ticket, first Login to your Houston account. Not only must users be logged-in, but they must have a “Basic/Free Membership” to have the correct access level. Some users with expired paid auto-renewals will need to go back and purchase the “Basic/Free membership” or update their info for the monthly paid memberships. Otherwise, these users could experience a “login-loop” that won’t allow them to ever reach the UBS 2023 ticket shop page

Tickets must be registered in the legal name of the ticket holder. All participants will be required to show an approved identification at the gate.

Please read all of the Attendee and Ticket Policies , including requirements of 21 yrs. of age, No Animals, and policies for COVID-19, Ticket Transfers, and Refunds.

Any questions, please email

You Otter not fret! Tickets are NOT at low quantities despite any text you may see on our website, We need more volunteers to signup! Also don’t be alarmed if you see your purchase status as “pending” this is okay because UBS tickets are virtual products. noting will be shipped to you. All tickets as Will-Call.



UBS FAQs  Inform yourself here about UBS 2023.  Participation is at the core of this event and volunteers like you make a real difference!

Consider volunteering, there’s a link to the Volunteer Intake Form

Need helpful funds for your Art Project? See the UBS 2023 Art Grant Form.

Arts & Craft weekends and Church Nights at the Warehouse starting in January 2023 to build The Effigy.