UBS 2023 Registration Portal

UnBroken Spring “Door To Otter Space” Thursday-Sunday, March 16-19, 2023

Theme Camp Registration

A Theme Camp is a group of participants of any size who come together to gift art or experiences to the Unbroken Spring community. You may plan on bringing incredible interactive art or something small scale, or even a concept or performance that you want to share with participants. You may have a fun name or theme. You may have an elaborately decorated camp. Or not. The only requirement is your participation! Your camp’s space will be placed on the map in a zone appropriate to your needs. See the list of featured camps and their upcoming fundraisers

Theme Camp Registration form is OPEN.

Early Entry Registration

Early Entry Schedule, Policy and Form are still PENDING (expected early March 2023).

Art Car Registration

Art cars are vehicles that are decorated or Artified enough to not be recognizable as stock or street vehicles.  Art cars must follow all Texas and venue driving safety laws, including observing speed limits, no driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, giving right of way to pedestrians/bicycles/other wheeled conveyances, and stopping if hailed by volunteer or venue staff.  Art Car Registration form is PENDING.

Recreational Vehicle Registration

Event Organizers & Operations reserve the right to limit movement and placement of Campers, Trailers, and Motorhomes (RVs) due to venue or event  constraints. All RVs are encouraged to register to assist Mapping and Placement Volunteers. When you arrive at the gate in an RV, an Operations escort will be assigned to you to get you to your campsite. RVs over a certain size (TBD in registration form) AND RVs intending to park inside theme camps must be pre-registered. RV Registration form is currently PENDING (expected early March 2023).

Volunteer Registration

This is NOT a spectator event. We are all volunteers. If you haven’t registered yet, you otter fill out the Volunteer Intake form.

Art Grant & Art Placement Registration

Use this form if you would like assistance with your art or simply need to register it for placement.

Theme Camp Special Events

Use this form to enter special Theme Camp events such as workshops, performances, etc.