6th annual UBS 2023 “Door to Otter Space!” landing

Congratulations on completion of the 6th Annual unBroken Spring “Door to Otter Space”!
We faced many challenges this year with an expedited timeline, new location, etc. You Otters Rock! Please take this time to hydrate, rest, and relax. Let the elbow grease replenish.
Then we will pickup our Green House online meetings March 30th at 7pm as we plan for UBS 2024 and beyond. email board@houstonburners.org if you would like to join the Green House team, or express and other questions, comments, and concerns.
Please complete the All Volunteers UBS 2023 AfterBurn Report Google Form. To be completed by all volunteers that attended UBS 2023. You’re feedback and participation are essential to continued growth and sustained best practices. Please give lengthy, detailed responses to each question.

Read the UBS 2023 Survival Guide