UBS 2022 Path Forward

Navigating critical public health context, and community impacts.

As the community prepares to burn in March of 2022 at Unbroken Spring: Illusions, we must take into account the prior two cancellations due to COVID-19 related conditions in the regional Greater Houston area. To prevent a repeat cancellation, many steps must be taken.
In an effort to reduce mass exposure risks, UBS 2022 requires participants to be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines and confirmation via VaxYes.
To assure effective handling of incidents, critical staffing measures must be implemented.
Above all, communication with the community at large is paramount to their ability to create a sustainable Go condition in a burn environment.

It is the objective of this document to detail a framework of COVID related metrics and considerations to be considered on an ongoing basis, as well as at all relevant Go|NoGo meetings. The intent is to list an all encompassing approach to keeping a crowd safe amid the chaos of the region around us. If anything is missing, please bring it to the attention of the Board, SafetyAF, or directly to If metrics are not adequate, or are too stringent, please provide commentary and suggestions, with as much detail backing as possible, so we can collaborate on adjustments with you.

The goal is to provide the community with a measurable action to ensure a Go Status of UBS 2022.

The view of this data that goes out to the community will be more formatted for easy parsing and interaction by all, primarily in newsletters, web posts, and staffing indicators. This is the framework to build upon.

Updates scheduled: 2/17, 3/06
Feb 17 Go No Go Date – Event is a Go!
Available website prediction on Go/No-Go status (ie critical line in percentage indicators)

If metrics trend heavily negative between Feb 17th Go|No-Go update and Mar 17th gate, postponement may prove unavoidable. This is where the vendor and epidemiologist guidance will shine strongest.

CDC Guidance – GO: No Public Closures / Lockdowns
WHO Guidance – GO: No Stay At Home Orders
DSHS Guidance – GO: No Stay At Home Orders
Harris County
Threat Level Designation – GO: Level Orange or Below. Concern: Level Red
County Guidance (judges, politicians, etc) – GO: No Stay At Home Orders, Decreasing Community Transmission
Local Hospitalization rates and available beds – GO: <10% Bed && <30% ICU covid cases Epidemiology Guidance – GO: Professional Approval Liberty County Threat Level Designation – GO: Risk rated below Severe. Concern: Severe risk County Guidance (judges, politicians, etc) – GO: No Stay At Home Orders Local Hospitalization rates and available beds – GO: <10% Bed && <30% ICU covid cases Available Medical

Vendor – Vendor Contract Signed and Approved, Vendor Supervisor Consulted for FEB17th

Volunteer Staffing:  Shifts are categorized into Critical Staffing vs Ideal Staffing. *Note that the volunteer progress currently shows the percentage of filled shifts out of total shifts (critical + ideal staffing).   

Event Critical Staffing met – GO:  How many safety department lead positions are unfilled? (currently none)

Data Sources:
Harris County
T L D –
C G –
L H r –
E G – Private vendor contact data
Liberty County
T L D –
(County not generating public threat indicators)
C G –
L H r –

Contact with any questions or concerns.