UBS 2022 Path Forward

Navigating critical public health context, and community impacts.
There have been numerous recent examples of public and private health concerns with Covid19 in Texas (and across the USA) impacting leads and volunteers being able to lead events (e.g. Lunacy 2021, FZBN 2022). At the sametime, successful approaches and timing allowed Engulf and Hypothermia to happen. 

To mitigate and ride this roller coaster as smoothly as possible, and also demonstrate a road map for our volunteers, UBS 2022 is a vaccination-required event, following CDC guidelines and recommendations for mass gatherings. Public health guidelines will continue to be monitored now through a Go-no-go date.

Go-No-Go Timing and Evaluations.
Event leadership will evaluate and communicate (at least monthly) regarding the status of volunteer shift signups, art grant applications, and camp registrations in light of Texas Omicron/Covid19 projections and trends in advance of a Go-No-go date around March 1, 2022.

Beyond a Go-No-go based on the above, there will be ongoing monitoring of public health trends, guidelines, and preparedness based on covid caseload status impacts.  Additional context here is that epidemiology models suggest an Omicron peak toward of the end of January and beginning of February 2022.

In light of Omicron, volunteer leads are offering Virtual trainings and the community is working to create additional virtual trainings for critical volunteer roles, with updates on timing and signups at the Socials & Trainings page

Contact with any questions or concerns.