Recruiting Board Members

The Collaborative Houston Art & Performance Society is the non-profit organization that handles legal and financial items for the Houston Burner warehouse and Unbroken Spring. The organization is known as (dba) Houston Burners, and occasionally by its acronym CHAPS.

Board members meet monthly, serve on various committees, make policy for the organization, review and approve expenditures and disbursement of money, vote on actions to be taken by the non-profit organization, and collectively assume responsibility for organization-sponsored activities, such as Unbroken Spring. Your can read about what’s expected of Board members in the Annual Commitment Form we ask them to sign.

We are looking for people to add to the Houston Burners Board of Directors, and we’d like to hear from you.  Do you know somebody you think would be a good choice for a board member? Would you like to serve on the board yourself?

Nomination Submission

  • Anyone may nominate themselves or someone else.
  • Anyone may submit multiple nominations.
  • There is no minimum number of nominations a person must receive to be considered.
  • The nomination window closes at midnight October 31st.

Application Submission

  • Nominees that choose to apply will submit an application
  • Application form will be emailed by Nov 1st
  • The application window closes noon on Nov 9th
  • Applicants will be announced at Church Night & online on Nov 13th

Community Feedback Submission

  • Community members will have the opportunity to comment on applicants through an on-line form, with option for anonymity
  • Community Feedback on Board Applicants
  • Community Feedback submission is open from Nov 14th through midnight on Nov 30th

Candidate Interviews

  • Applicants will be invited to virtual interviews with 2-3 current Board members
  • Interview period will begin on Dec 1st
  • Interviews will be completed by Dec 15th

Incoming Board of Director member(s) Announced

We will announce the new Board member(s) at Church Night on December 18th!