Past Announcements

October 2021: Thank you to all who submitted their requests to donate, rollover or refund a Lunacy: reEntry 2021 ticket. The request window is closed. If you haven’t submitted a request form yet, thank you for your donation!

Saturday December 11, 2021
Volunteers for unBroken Spring 2020 & Lunacy 2021
more details soon!

If you chose to:

1) DONATE your Ticket Value to Art OR if you made an Art Grant donation for Lunacy directly, you will receive an email with more details.

2) ROLLOVER your Ticket to the next UBS event, you will receive an email confirmation of the rollover ticket with more information.
*expect mandatory vaccination to redeem your ticket for March 17-20, 2022

3) REFUND your Ticket, the refunds begin processing OCTOBER 26th. Your patience is appreciated.  All refunds are processed manually by our Business volunteers and should be completed by NOVEMBER 15th. Stay tuned for communications from Ticketing_2021 (at) and Refunds (at)

If you requested to rollover or refund your ticket, you can still choose to
Choose your own amount. Thanks! 

September 2021: Happy Fall y’all!
Hopefully everybody is doing well and staying safe with the storm at the Gulf Coast and the persistent COVID-19 threat!  Which leads to the News…
Lunacy: reEntry 2021 has been cancelled due to critical shortages in essential safety volunteer teams.
Obviously, grave concern about the current COVID-19 Public Health Threat Level is also a factor.

The COVID threat level in Texas is partly driving the volunteer shortages. With the rise of the Delta variant, some leads and other volunteers had to cancel their plans to volunteer. Even with the planned reduced event population size and after minimizing the number of longer shifts, organizers were only able to cover 25% of shifts in each critical safety department.

The good news is that volunteers have an amazing head start on planning the next UnBroken Spring. Many departments gained new leadership and new volunteers. Several camps made plans for the event and are planning to bring new infrastructure. The effigy crew is renewed and excited to build and burn. Art grant proposals have been coming in, and can hopefully continue (see more below).

Huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers that have already given their time and expertise to putting reEntry together with such hopeful and proud hearts!
And huge THANK YOU also to every participant, artist, burner or burner-curious who picked up a ticket and filled up their dance card with Houston Burners. Together, WE WILL SURVIVE! 

The final accounting for Lunacy: reEntry will need to be completed to know the remaining value of each ticket, as some minimal expenses have already been paid out that are not transferable to the next UBS.  Each Ticket Value will be the same for all participants and will be as close to full value as possible after accounting for prepaid expenses.

After the lessons of the 2020 cancellation process: THIS WILL BE DIFFERENT! The 3 options below will hopefully be more equitable and simpler for all:
1. Donate your Ticket Value to ART at the next unBroken Spring: every penny donated will go to the art grant proposal of your choice. Art grant proposals are still open and you can apply your donation to the project of your choice. Watch for Art Grant details in the upcoming Lunacy email about your Ticket Value options.
2. Rollover your Ticket Value over to the next unBroken Spring. ***Know that a vaccine requirement is expected to be the norm by 2022, TBD as pandemic evolves.***
3. Refund your Ticket Value.  Ticket holders will be contacted directly via email used for ticket purchase WATCH THE EMAIL ADDRESS USED TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKET FOR UPDATES AND PROCEDURES AND DEADLINES.  Please keep in mind that everything about UBS is volunteer run– even the accounting. (If your campmates who bought tickets never check their email, tell them to check their email.)  

Another hurricane season has started. Do you know what to do? Are you prepared?

BwB Houston is geared up and ready to assist its community in responding to natural disasters. Look to the BWB Houston Facebook group  for announcements on what we are doing and how to get involved as a volunteer. Hurricane Ida recently devastated multiple cities and towns in Louisiana.

Currently, BwB Houston is facilitating collection and transportation of needed supplies to our neighbors to the east. The immediate needs are for donations of non-perishable food, bottled water, roofing cap nails, and tarps.

Contact us through Facebook to coordinate a donation drop off or bring your donations to church night. 

DONATIONS may also be made to non-profit BWB-Houston Paypal account– and note that this was set up for Hurricane Laura relief but donations go directly to BWB-Houston efforts for disaster relief. 

August 2021: The Houston Burners’ non-profit is pleased to announce the newest Director of the Board, Clover aka Michael Bradley.

“My art is not knowing how to create art, but rather knowing how to implement artist’s creations.”

About this burner: Clover has been burning since 2006, immersing in theme camp and event volunteering since day one. His self-reported primary areas of uselessness are Operations and Safety, where he can usually be found on grave shift any given night. He does stuff, he is not in charge. Email or catch him at the warehouse.

Due to the recent CDC updates regarding mask usage, please wear mask when indoors at the warehouse whether fully vaccinated or not.

Lunacy: reEntry is a three day camping-event October 8-10, 2021 in southeast Texas dedicated to art, music, fire and radical self expression.

Tickets are Now On Sale! Go to the Lunacy page to purchase tickets.

Lunacy Work Weekends will adhere to the same COVID-19 guidelines as for Lunacy: reEntry 2021. There will be a Gate at each work weekend and everyone will need to check in upon arrival.  For more details head to the Work Weekends page.

Volunteer Sign Up | Lunacy Art Grant Submission form  |   Theme Camp Registration form w Early Entry Info

August 9, 2021 After consultation with local health authorities, the decision has been made to re-open ticket sales for Lunacy: reEntry 2021.

August 5, 2021

Luncy:reEntry 2021 Ticket sales have been placed on HOLD following Harris County accountment. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo officially increased the county’s COVID threat level to “red,” which is level 1, Thursday 8/5/21 afternoon.

Please stay tuned for updates. Department Leads & Organizers may continue to use Google Meet for virtual team meetings & Slack for discussion.

Hot nights, summer in the city…

The community warehouse space is gearing back action after the Open House. Kudos to the Warehouse Committee for their dedication and time to preparing the space and kickstarting a lot of new energy and projects. Upcoming warehouse events include: First Wednesday August 4th | CARWASH Art Grant Fundraiser Saturday August 14th

July 2021: Warehouse Open House & Fall 2021 Event Volunteer Activation

First Wednesday Open House Wednesday July 7th at 7pm

Welcome to the community debut of our lovely warehouse space on Johanna!

2016 Johanna Dr. Suite 2 Houston, TX 77055

Our Warehouse committee has been working hard to organize and beautify this space for functionality and gathering. We are happy to have you out for its debut!

Announcements about the Fall Burn! Please come in person for first Wednesday announcements for our Fall 2021 Burn on October 8-10 Special Fundraiser event! As always volunteer activation is what we’re all about. What department do you want to explore? Questions welcome! We will have volunteer signup forms ready

We will begin at 7:30 and finish by 10. Social time afterwards at a local dive.

See you then!

See the Facebook event page here:

June 2021: SAVE THE DATE FOR Fall 2021 Fundraiser Event

October 8th-10th at Liberty Manor! It will be time to decompress from the COVID pandemic. This unique event will look and feel smaller than unBroken Spring usually does each spring.  Due to the forced reschedule from the pandemic, there is a shorter timeline to put on this fall event, followed by ensuing preparations for uBS 2022. Community input and volunteer participation will be instrumental in determining the number of attendees, i.e. tickets that can be released. 
*unBroken Fall? unSpoken Break? will be a more focused event, bootstrapping as much as possible from the investments made in 2020. Please help spread the word and consider volunteering pre-event or on-site.  More details will be announced in the next several weeks about tickets, volunteer sign up, art grants, etc.

* This event is not unBroken Spring and it needs a name!
Submit your suggestion for a name and/or theme at the link

May 2021: Houston Burners is currently in the Public Comment part of recruitment of new members to the non-profit Board of Directors.

Please share your thoughts with us about the applicants. Your answers will remain private, and will be viewed only by the current members of the Houston Burners board. You may choose to keep your answers anonymous, and we’ve also included a question for your email and/or phone number if you’d like to make yourself available for follow-up. The nominees that have applied for a position on the board are:

  • BAMF (Bad Ass Mary-Frances), Mary-Frances Moore
  • Bunny Daddy, Jason Huff
  • Ranger Clover, Michael Bradley
  • Vvoman, Lynda White

 You’ll have two weeks to get your comments in for any or all of the applicants. Please submit all comments by midnight on June 2nd.

UnBroken Spring Update: Want to have a fall 2021 UnBroken Spring? Houston Burners is evaluating potential dates for a decision this month. You can help by providing your opinion about the best dates to build the playa on the prairie this year. Your input will also assist the volunteer board to evaluate how many tickets we can handle.

Please help spread the word and consider participating in UnBroken Spring. This year may be a more focused event bootstrapping as much as possible from our pre-investment in 2020, focused on getting down like we need to at a basic level — and revitalizing volunteer communities here in Texas or beyond.
Open the poll for more details and potential dates.

UnBroken Spring 2021 Community Poll

April, 2021: The Collaborative Houston Art & Performance Society is the non-profit organization that handles legal and financial items for the Houston Burner warehouse and Unbroken Spring. The organization is known as (dba) Houston Burners (and occasionally the acronym CHAPS).

We are looking for people to add to the Houston Burners Board of Directors, and we’d like to hear from you.  Do you know somebody you think would be a good choice for a board member?  Would you like to serve on the board yourself?

You can read about Houston Burners and its activities, and the role of board members here.

You can fill out the nomination form here: NOMINATION FORM

There is no minimum number of nominations a person must receive to be considered, and anyone may nominate themselves. Anyone may submit multiple nominations.

January, 2021: Houston Burners publishes this report annually(ish) to give a full and transparent view of the nonprofit’s activities. It includes financial details, recent organizational duties and responsibilities, accomplishments and goals. It also endeavors to reflect recent community focus areas well beyond the platform and resource base that the nonprofit represents, to help share the diverse interests of the burner community the nonprofit supports. These activities are only possible because of the entire community’s commitments to supporting the ethos of Burning Man in our region and the world. Thank you to all community members who participated in connecting and enlivening burner culture this year, and a special thanks to the volunteers who helped document and report their projects and adventures for this report.

Annual Report document: Link here

BWB- HTX is sponsored by the Houston Burners non-profit to raise funds for BWB TEXAS ALLIANCE in Vinton, Louisiana through the PayPal Giving Fund.



The BWB Texas Alliance is partnering with local non-profit relief efforts to identify needed repairs and supplies, resource donated materials and goods, purchase specific items for requested use like construction projects and recruit volunteer teams to assist victims of the storm and its aftermath.

28 October 2020

Hello Burners! Sadly, after much discussion among volunteers and leads, the consensus is that due to the pandemic, planning a 500 person camping event in the spring is not supported by the Houston Burner community: UnBroken Spring “To the Moon” will not be happening in its originally planned format mid-March 2021.

However, this gives us all a lot of room to come up with alternatives…Join in the conversation to explore alternative ways to connect and collaborate creatively on art and performance projects for UnBroken Spring 2021.  

Please join one of the two UBS 2021 brainstorming sessions to discuss and consider some things fun, scaled-down, custom and appropriate for the current times:

ONLINE or via ZOOM or IN PERSON at the warehouse

2016 Johanna #2

Friday  Nov 6th  6-9pm

Sunday  Nov 15th  1-4pm

Sign up Here and Masks & Physical Distancing Required at the warehouse

Bring ideas, support, and listening skills as the community moves forward to explore art, culture, and self-expression in the midst of a pandemic in a safe and inclusive way. There are some chairs there, but you may want to bring your own.

July 17, 2020

As previously mentioned, due to current Harris County public gathering restrictions we are still not able to host group visitations. However we can certainly open the process for bidding on make-ready/set-up projects.

See model of 2016 Johanna Dr. Warehouse, thanks Shawn C.

Some projects will be eligible for HUD reimbursements for reestablishing the warehouse:

1) All projects eligible for HUD reimbursement must receive 2 bids from licensed, bonded, and insured contractors and be fully permitted by the City of Houston
2) Any projects not eligible for HUD reimbursement will begin after the first round of projects are completed

Please complete the following questionnaire to notify of intent to bid for the warehouse projects for which you qualify. None of the scopes of work have been fully determined. We will work that out with interested parties before bids are requested.

June 2020 Updates

Warehouse Visits Postponed

Visits to our new 2016 Johanna Drive warehouse are temporarily postponed due to public gathering restrictions by Harris County authorities. We are monitoring public announcements from the Harris County Health website, and will update here when it is determined safe for proceed with limited, social-distancing gatherings.

Board Member Update

We thank our resigning Board Member, Kristin Kring, and wish her the best in her future endeavors. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Kristin in the greater Houston Burner community activation.

If you have any questions about the Board recruitment process, please reach out to us at

June 1, 2020

New Warehouse!!!


The New Houston Burner Warehouse is LIVE! Kind of…with COVID-19 preparations happening and micro meetups getting scheduled…and a big financial reimbursement due soon! 

Here’s the current plan and will change when needed to reflect community needs and health concerns in the Houston area. Check it out! 


There’s going to be a 6 person max micro meetup several days each week led by one board member. Come to one so you can see what we’ve got to work with, to imagine the possibilities, and to get you thinking about what we want to make happen in our new digs. The place lends itself to a few obvious ideas, but all ideas are on the table. Let’s make the space great together!

And as for coronavirus preparations, we as burners are especially equipped to be radically inclusive with cautionary actions to ensure the safety of our diverse participants. RESPECT: 

  • Consent matters- Ask, rather than assume, if it is OK to hug, touch, or be in someone’s space
  • Max of 6 people inside the warehouse at any time
  • Wear your face mask! to protect others who may be at high risk
  • Maintain 6’ physical distance throughout the meetup
  • Distanced street parking leaves more space on the “patio” to talk outside and make some plans
  • Best practices include: 
    • Signs to remind everyone
    • Floor markers to help with traffic flow and direction
    • Disinfection of spaces before and after small gatherings
    • A collaborative intention to keep everyone safe
  • If you feel unsafe, say so and find a way to make it better for everyone


We also have a lot of help with our new setup due to the eminent domain ouster from the old warehouse space on Winston. That’s really good news and will soften the blow of our organization’s financial crisis due to our inevitable rent increase — Winston was cheaper than the market rates by a lot! — coupled with  the financial hit of cancelling UBS 2020. Here’s what will be included in the reimbursements from HUD (Dept of Housing & Urban Development):

  •  Expenses incurred while searching for a replacement location
  •  Moving expenses: out of the old space, to storage, and into the new space
  •  Storage for a period not to exceed 12 months
  • 12 months of rental assistance covering the rental increase: so basically our rent stays the same
  • 12 months of utility assistance covering any increases in utility fees: utilities stay the same
  •  Repairs and improvements as required by law and as necessary to accommodate the organization up to a cap of $25k

Lack of warehouse rent from Jan to Jun, plus reimbursements of moving expenses, plus reimbursements of up to $25k for buildout will carry us strongly through this year of crisis. And it will allow us to keep building and funding art. 

What do you have in mind?

What can we do for the Houston community to further our mission of collaborative art during coronavirus? 


  • Board members all have keys and will be the leads on the micro meetups this month
  • Sign up for a micro meetup HERE!
  • Bring a face covering and wash your hands! 
  • Check out the attached drawing of the space/floorplan (we’ll have a grid plan soon!)
  • See some photos of the space below
  • Get to thinking about how you can contribute and how to make it great! 

UnBroken Spring 2020 UPDATES

May 21, 2020

Refunds are Starting today!

Volunteers are starting the transactions for refunds to UBS 2020 ticket purchasers who requested them TODAY! A big thank you to burners who donated their ticket value, in full or in part. Your generosity has made it possible to issue full refunds. There are hundreds of transactions and each will be handled individually by volunteers. The target is to have all of them and any ensuing problems handled and wrap the whole process up by the end of May. That’s the goal. Please be patient while we do our very best to meet it! Most of the requests will go out via Chase QuickPay with Zelle. You will get an email like the one below, with your refund amount indicated. Just hit accept money and it will guide you to your bank. –You are not required to have a Chase account when using Zelle. –Some banks require you to use their app instead of their website, and will let you know. If your bank isn’t supported, please email and we will try PayPal. A dozen or so of you have already worked out another method for your own refund, and that’s how yours will come. Keep an eye out for these over the next 10 days. We’ll notify everyone when we think we’re done, and if you haven’t received notice by then, please email and we’ll handle it. Thanks!

May 19, 2020

The refund period for UnBroken Spring 2020 tickets opened on May 4, and closed at midnight on May 18, 2020 (as per earlier updates and sent to emails associated with original ticket purchasers).

PLEASE BE PATIENT: After the 2020 UBS books are closed and the refund amount is calculated, every communication about it will be handled manually and ASAP .. it’ll get done! Ideally this can be completed within a few weeks and refunds disbursed ASAP. Being able to close the financial books on the 2020 event with clarity and move forward was a major driver that encouraged UBS leadership to provide the refund or donation options for 2020 tickets. The event is essentially postponed, as many important elements will be carried forward into 2021, as much was already paid for and delivered. You may prefer to call it ‘canceled’ for 2020, that works too. Obviously the ticketing process will be new next year, but some wonderful things that will go forward include ART! And of course our yet-to-be-unveiled effigy that volunteers worked so very hard on. What will you bring?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback in this process, and especially folks who have expressed interest in how UBS ticketing (and volunteering!) works. The UBS team hopes to engage with you in person too, as soon as the pandemic allows. Be well people!

May 4, 2020

UnBroken Spring 2021 is our next UBS build and gathering (new ticketing process)

Due to the significant and prolonged impact COVID-19 has had on our families, community and livelihoods, UnBroken Spring “To The Moon” has been postponed until 18-21 March 2021. Save the date! 

Thank you to the 70+ out of 100+ volunteers for UBS 2020 who helped guide this decision with responses to the volunteer questionnaire opened April 15th. There was support for a range of options for postponement, including dates in the summer and fall of 2020, but a majority also felt that a March 2021 postponement made sense. 

The choice to postpone supports the extended preparation time that has been proven necessary to build a safe, vibrant event that represents our community’s creativity and strength. It hopefully also serves to minimize the uncertainty that everyone is still feeling as many begin to cautiously emerge into the world again. 

Ticketholders received a notification on May 4, 2020 of event postponement and options for ticket handling through the email associated with each ticket sold for UBS 2020. THANK YOU for participating in the event, even just purchasing a ticket! You are what makes this community strong, even if our experimental city must wait until next year to be built. 

An online form linked in the email sent to ticketholders provided an opportunity to request a refund for UBS 2020 tickets. The form was open for 2 weeks and closed at midnight (11:59pm) Monday, 18 May 2020. This time limit will allow refunds to be provided accurately without prolonged delay. 

UBS 2020 had partially spent its budget in preparation for the event when cancelled with 6 days to go. The refund amounts available will be determined based on the quantity and ticket value of requested refunds when this form closes. As always, the event accounting will be reported fully to the community, including refund totals. (Individual refund requests and form responses will remain confidential.)  

UBS 2020 Tickets: Refund and Donation Options

Ticket holders may select to receive the highest refund possible based on funds available. 

If ticket holders would like to donate the full value of their tickets, they do not need to fill out the form. Ticket holders may also choose a partial donation in the form. 

Donations will firstly be used to increase the value of refunds given to those who do request a refund, and will surely be greatly appreciated by those folks. If full refunds are achieved for all requests, any remaining funds will go to the general fund used to operate the Houston Burner warehouse beginning in June and to invest in the 2021 event. 

When UBS 2021 tickets sales begin, 2020 ticket purchasers will again be contacted at the emails provided in 2020, and will be offered the first-tier, lowest price tickets.

UBS 2020 Tickets: Refund Process

NOTE: If you have a transferred ticket, please login to your account to verify the transfer process has completed BEFORE completing the refund request form. Quite a few tickets are in limbo and if yours is one of them, we won’t have access to complete your request. 

IMPORTANT: If you select refund, you’ll also need to enter an email address that you use for your bank account. The refund will be sent via Chase QuickPay which uses the Zelle app. FYI: this DOES work for people without a Chase account. If you cannot use this service, please enter a PayPal address, although please consider using Zelle given that it’s instant vs PayPal’s 3 day lag time or fees and is easier to track.

PLEASE BE PATIENT: After the refund requests are done, refund amount calculated, and the 2020 UBS books closed, every transaction and communication about it will be handled manually and it won’t be overnight…but it’ll get done! 


Postponing until 2021 will provide time and energy for everyone to pivot towards revitalizing burner community activity during the rest of the year everywhere, at a new scale. This will continue to be challenging within the context of ever-evolving limitations on social gatherings and individual safety. Several activities in the works include:

  • UBS 2020 volunteers will collaborate to reconcile lessons learned from the past year in order to improve UBS and strengthen, build and better coordinate our burner volunteer teams and awesome volunteer sub-cultures. Even if it needs a new name as “afterburn report” doesn’t really fit for 2020… 
  • Financials reconciliation for UBS 2020, partially dependent on completing this refund request survey (details below)  
  • Renewed focus on community tools and space for projects in the new Burner Warehouse space in June, with physical distancing as appropriate. Please reach out with ideas that can foster community participation and activity: 
  • Revitalized roaming church nights with physical distancing as appropriate, taking place bi-weekly across Houston in safe settings; updates to be posted on Are you a potential host to collaborate and make an idea happen?  
  • If circumstances permit, some kind of pre-compression burn gathering in fall 2020: Very early concept and your energy and interest is needed. While not looking to compete for resources with burns planned in the fall that may actually happen, the community interest in gathering for appropriately scaled activity is palpable. 

Hopefully, this hits all the notes, but if you have remaining questions, as always:! 

Rescheduling-ly & Respectfully yours, Houston Burners volunteer board

April 2020 – New Warehouse Space @ 2016 Joanna St.

HB has reached an agreement with the property owner at the new warehouse space discussed in the form shared with the community 18 March: “Potential Warehouse Move Feedback Request and ?’s”. 

Hearing that feedback, these are some specifics of the negotiation: 

  • To address continuing concern for the playing out of the pandemic in our community, the deal negotiated includes a delayed move-in of 1 ½ months
  • Although full scale meetups likely won’t happen immediately, thoughts are to design new ways to have small group meetups to get the space ready for our return, including: small tours 4-6 people while Respecting Social/Physical Distancing (RSPD), small work groups to hit specific tasks while RSPD, and expanding more creative church nite scenarios RSPD 
  • Cost increases are addressed both by a reduction of lease rate of $600 in the 1st year and possible partial reimbursement of increased costs

The terms to BEGIN 1ST OF JUNE are as follows:

  • Term: 1 year
  • Rent: $1,275 for first 6 months, $1,325 for second 6 months*
  • Deposit: $1,325 ($650 refund due from old space)
  • Trash and Water included (new!: trash not included in old space) 
  • Tenant to pay any additional services: electricity (same as in old space) 
  • Tenant responsible for any approved improvements**

*HB may be reimbursed for the overage in rental costs from $775 old warehouse rent for a period.***

**HB may be partially reimbursed for improvements/build-out to the new space.***

***HB would not be eligible for these reimbursements until or unless a lease is secured. 

The board would like to acknowledge that the decision to secure space in the midst of COVID-19 related uncertainty was not an easy one to make. We put a lot of thought and groundwork into the location possibilities and asked for a lot of community groundwork and input. We put a lot of thought into the risks and advantages, and ultimately decided that providing a physical space to connect our community was a priority and necessary as the air clears and we hopefully begin to emerge from social/physical distancing by June.


April 12

Burning Man Project announced on April 10 that they will not be holding the Burning Man 2020 Multiverse at Black Rock City this year due to Covid-19. There will still be a Virtual BRC for Burning Man 2020 in the Multiverse. Read the statement with video by Marian Goodell here:

Burning Man 2020 Announcement

On March 12th, we postponed Unbroken Spring 2020 and our intention was to wait and see how the situation with the pandemic develops. We are looking to how other Burns have responded, including Burning Man and the scores of regional Burns around the world. Within the next week we will make an announcement about plans for UBS 2020.


While we cannot meet up physically, we can meet up in other ways like Virtual Church Nights. Aside from the regular announcements & hang out kind of thing, we are holding Bingo, Karaoke, Skill Shares, Live Art, Trivia, and much more. If you are interested in hosting an event or workshop for the Houston Burner community, please let us know!

March 2020

Join Zoom Meeting 8pm March 26, 2020

At 8pm tonight on Zoom, John Lochmann will be answering our community’s general questions about COVID-19. John is a microbiologist and Houston-area Registered Nurse. This call is not intended to provide specific personal medical advice or diagnoses.

Please tune in! Link:

Meeting ID: 946 607 313

Virtual Houston Burners Church Nite March 18, 2020

Burners globally are exploring new ways to connect where hugs are no longer our language of choice…what ideas can you share? 

Tonight (March 18, 8 PM) for a virtual Church Nite, let’s test a virtual hook-up to live-stream announcements and community interaction using Zoom. Let’s try to hit the 100 person limit. We’re out there! Playa tunes will follow mixed by Big Bird and others as you get your groove going across the Be Someone City. We are making love in the time of Coronavirus. ID: 212 894 164

Let’s be open to using other platforms to help get Immediacy — please pipe up if you have ideas of what can work better. With at least six feet minimum of social distance recommended, how do you want to burn? One goal of this is to let us all be radically included online, if not in person. Even if you’re sick, and radically staying home, tune in if you are able… we are making Love in the time of Coronavirus, We will have playlists in lieu of live DJ’s (although some of them debate being called ‘live’ when you’re not with them in person).

Unbroken Spring 2020 Update

With respect to Civic Responsibility, as well as the rapidly evolving local, state, and national response to the ongoing public health crisis, Houston Burners and the 2020 UBS Organizers recommend waiting until April 15 to confirm a new date for UnBroken Spring 2020. There will be more information at that point, including updates from county schools about potential reopen dates, the timing of other burns, and updates to local gathering restrictions (such as rules recently announced in Houston).

On April 15, will post a poll to determine the event’s volunteer capacity and interest in specific dates in advance of rescheduling. Volunteer support in particular is critical to creating UBS each year, and each shift will make a difference to Mission Control. Shortly following, a second poll will be posted to get general community and participant input. To the Moon!

Meanwhile, the board and organizers are reconciling the current UBS budget and where it stands, and working with Liberty Manor to find reschedule dates. You will be kept informed on this website. Thank you all for riding together through such uncertain times, as we try to keep our community vibrant and looking towards the future while coming to terms with our new and challenging reality.

Revisiting Church Nites                                                                March 14, 2020

When we learned the community would lose the Winston St. warehouse this month, many of us were excited to begin 100 days of Roaming Church Nites across Houston. A lot of burners have reached out to with fantastic ideas in public, protected and private spaces including a downtown evening hangout at Notsuoh, a skating night, several spacious private residences with outdoor pools and fire in the North or Southwest, etc. This was to be kicked off with a Roaming Church Nite at Elder Street Lofts and its gardens. This may still happen.

Then, Coronavirus.

A new option to try, starting next Wednesday March 18, 8-10+ PM: A virtual Church Nite, in an online format (Zoom, but open to options) which can function as time to hang out and listen to chill DJ sets together at the same time. We could start with announcements for anyone who wants to join 8-9 PM, with discussion following in stack format.* This would be followed by DJ performances and folks jamming together for several hours to the same DJs, in their houses, and communicating from time to time as desired in virtual. Love in the Time of Coronavirus? Join us in some social experimentation and fireside chats.

DJ’s interested in sharing a set or two drop a line to by March 17.

*Join the meeting on a computer if you would like to “stack,” AKA participate in the first 30-60 minutes of conversation. The hosts will ask folks what they would like to talk about, listeners will post in a comments section, and the hosts nominating topics in order and some topics selected in advance.


Statement about UBS & Coronavirus (COVID-19) March 12, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution and based on recommendations from local counties, we have decided to reschedule Unbroken Spring 2020 to a date later this year, to be determined. 

This decision reflects community input, particularly the potential stress that proceeding will have on volunteers and the safety of participants.  Additionally, we are motivated to act prudently in the context of a rapidly unfolding public health crisis, while guided by Burning Man principles including civic responsibility, radical inclusion, and leaving no trace.

Worldwide, the focus is now on preventing spikes in cases of illness that can catastrophically stress public health resources (“flattening the curve*” of cases).  Specifically, Harris and Montgomery County officials have requested events of 250 people be canceled. We need to do what we can to slow the spread of disease in Liberty County in particular, which still has no reported cases. We can protect vulnerable people across our region by acting today. 

We are actively communicating this decision to the numerous volunteer artists and community leaders who have been putting the finishing touches on building our amazing playa on the prairie, and who were about to begin installation this weekend. We will follow up in coming days with requests for community feedback about the impact of postponement and our potential reschedule dates.

We are happy to say that the property owners have agreed to work with us to hold the event at Liberty Manor at a future date in 2020. Our community has invested a lot to prepare the land, and this effort will not be wasted. 

This decision was made with heavy hearts, considering the effort that UBS volunteers have made with support from their families, friends, and co-workers to build UBS 2020. We are confident that our community will pull together — as we have in challenging times past — to hold the flame until we next burn together, unBroken.

Watch out for further information from us about this decision on the UnBroken Spring website    |

Burning Man’s Houston regional announce list

Liberty County Emergency Management     |   Harris County Public Health
CDC coronavirus info       |   WHO coronavirus info

Stay tuned to our official UBS channels for updates, the UnBroken Spring website and emails from and

Radical Self-Reliance • Civic Responsibility • Leaving no Trace

If you have any questions, email the Houston Burners Board of Directors at

February 2020


As most of you know, the Winston property has been sold. We must move out by March 12. 

The volunteer non-profit board that manages this space is dedicated to continuing support of welcoming spaces for burners in Houston. Community members have been searching, for the better part of a year, for a new space that fits our needs and our budget. Unfortunately, we have yet to find the right location within the context of our move timing, budget and community commitments. As you all know UBS is right around the corner! 

Keep track of all updates to this info at 


March 8: Sunday Warehouse Clean Out – Last day to claim lost materials before they go into the dumpster. AM hrs: 10am – 1pm PM hrs: 4pm-7pm

March 11: Last Church Night at Winston! Come send off the old place with some cheers and merrymaking as we burn a little Phoenix

March 18: No official church nite as all will be packing for UBS…but if you’d like to organize a gathering: GO FOR IT!

March 19-22: UBS @ Liberty Manor

March 25 and following weeks: Kick off Roaming Church Nites! 

mid-June: Goal for relocation into new warehouse (subject to availability!)


The following is on our wish-list for our new home:

1. Location: Inside or just outside the 610 Loop, not directly adjacent to a loud highway, not on a busy road

2. Size: 1500-2500 square feet (ish…)

3. Amenities: running water, toilet, outdoor fire capacity, privacy fencing would be ideal (or space to side or behind building that is somewhat private)

4. Access: 24/7 community access, no monetary barriers to participation

5. Parking: space for us to safely and consistently park 20+ cars for weekly gatherings of 50+ people (avoiding traffic hazards, police stations, and parking violations) 

6. Neighbors and Landlords: preferably non-residential neighbors/landlords who don’t mind smoke, music, or frequent gatherings; preferably not adjacent to law enforcement agencies

7. Subleases and partnerships: open to discuss contracted subleases, with expectation of fair use for space, storage, and a strong footing with a sustainable business partnership 

8. Price guesstimate: $1000-1800/mo for up to a year lease (current rent is $775/mo and no similarly priced compatible properties seem to exist…this guess is based on properties available now

More in-depth info on the long search and our community warehouse story follows: 


Burners have been organizing community gatherings in Houston for decades. Recent incarnations of Church Night have been extant since about 2010 in various community spaces and including roaming Church Nights hosted by community members. In 2014, one community member obtained the lease at 908G Winston St to house this group as it has grown. Last November the property was approved in an eminent domain takeover by the Federal Government and the City of Houston, and our 90 day notice ends 12 March 2020. So our last day in this space is fast approaching! 

We are a network of doers, volunteers, artists — and the burner community has been growing in Houston. Many burners want a space that will work for the long term, and the Houston Burners non-profit is specifically dedicated to supporting these ambitions sustainably. Our income is derived in large part from our events with some assistance from donations, and we strive to maintain access for all who would like to join us. For over 4 years we have been able to maintain a 100% community supported warehouse with no requirement that all participants must pay dues at any certain level.

Our warehouse address has served us well as one key portal into our community. That said, as we find room to grow on our terms, we are confident that several months of roaming church nights and/or visiting active, alternative maker spaces in Houston will not destroy our community. Having a physical space is our ideal, but we need to do it with contemplation and – crucially – take a realistic view of what we can sustain and develop with our current resources in the near term and the long term. We also need to develop more resources so that we can continue to provide community space in a real estate market that continues to escalate and turn warehouse properties into townhomes! 

Realistically, with the budget constraints we currently face, our fundraising from UnBroken Spring, other smaller events and our limited donation commitments cannot support much more than our current rent. Although we stand to recoup some of our lost income and relocation expenses from the eminent domain deal, we don’t anticipate a huge surplus there.

In the absence of finding a suitable new home, the board has taken the decision to move temporarily into storage, while at the same time encouraging a roaming Church Nite schedule that many of you will participate in! We will be saving money and store our belongings in a 40’ storage container secured through the assistance of Corkscrew (board member). This will be less accessible than Winston St, and we hope not to need it for long as we keep looking at warehouse & flex spaces for use. 

If you have any leads, please feel free to share! ( We hope to have sourced a new location and moved in by mid-June — that’s about 100 days from now, and post UBS & Flipside. 


The flame and fire, the passion of our community, is not housed in just one building. We will rely — as we always have — on the spirit of cooperation and intentionality that enlivens each space we work within. This is an opportunity to consider how our community connects across our city and region, and enriches our community — as we approach our next stage of activation and lively participation. 

In parallel to this storage for UBS and other CHAPS tools and community resources, we will be organizing bi-monthly roaming Church Nights to gather our tribe members together — and hopefully (soon) celebrate a move into new digs. Please write if you would consider hosting a Church Night —We LNT, DJ, feed, and make very merry.

Yours in the burn—

Houston Burner Board

February 2020

Updated Sun, 2 Feb 2020:

We made it to 2020, time to celebrate !!!!

Our fifth Unbroken Spring “To The Moon” — March 19th-22nd — is rapidly approaching and tickets are running out. Unbroken Spring is a regional Burning Man event for the Houston, Texas area. For more info on everything UBS 2020, visit the UBS page here:

This Wednesday is a great night to come out to our weekly church night where we build art and hang out — located at 908 Winston 77009! We are working on building moon craters for the effigy and operations signage. We will have food, music, great people, and good vibes, cmon out !!!! 🙂

We need more Art! If you would like to help or need help to take your idea to the next step, please let us know.

UBS theme camp registration ends on Feb. 5th. Click here to register your camp.

We are relocating soon! The current location 908 Winston and neighboring property have sold to a developer and we must vacate by early March 2020. Come by on Sundays to help organize our community gear, space, and find out more about what we’re planning.

Important dates:

  • Church night at 908 Winston 77009 in the back of parking lot (look for all the commotion). We are building art and food will be provided 🙂
  • Next effigy build @ Picasso’s — Tuesday and Thursday this week.
  • Next work weekend: February 15-16 – Google Maps Link
  • Warehouse move – Sunday Fundays to connect & prep for our move – Feb 9, Feb 23

December 2019


Every new year brings new beginnings; as we move to the end of 2019 we are pleased to announce our incoming Board members for 2020.

Please join us in welcoming:

  • Elizabeth Johnson aka Randy
  • Forrest Rattray aka Mumbels

We also thank our resigning Board Member, John Garcia aka JG Wehworth, and wish him the best in Austin, Texas.

If you have any questions about the Board recruitment process, please reach out to us at

  • We are looking at other warehouse and flex spaces for our community gathering space in 2020- if you have any recommendations please let us know!


Unbroken Spring 2020 General Ticket Sales for Unbroken Spring are OPEN!

Visit the UBS Ticket page for more info.

Come to a warehouse Church Night to learn more about UBS 2020 and how you can help participate with us as we go “To the Moon!”

Fall 2019 Board of Directors Recruitment

We are looking for people to add to the Houston Burners Board of Directors, and we’d like to hear from you.  Do you know somebody you think would be a good choice for a board member? Would you like to serve on the board yourself?

Read more about the recruitment process

  • Nomination submission: Oct 16th – Oct 31st
  • Application submission: Nov 1st – Nov 9th
  • Community Feedback submission: Nov 14th – Nov 30th
  • Applicant Interviews: Dec 1st – Dec 14th
  • New Board Member(s) Recruitment Announcement: Dec 18th

Update Oct 16 :

Happy Autumn!

The mission of Houston Burners is to hold space to light and sustain the flame of Burning Man’s culture and Principles in the greater Houston community and to facilitate community artistic goals to that end.

The vision of Houston Burners is to educate and empower an inclusive and active community, guided by Burning Man’s 10 principles to explore and develop art, culture, and self-expression.

  • Our primary focus for the year is the Houston Burner warehouse and Unbroken Spring.
  • We are looking at other warehouse and flex spaces for our community gathering space in 2020- if you have any recommendations please let us know!

If you’re wondering what a board member does, their current responsibilities consist primarily of handling legal and liability matters and financials for the Houston Burner warehouse and Unbroken Spring. The board has spent time over the last few months doing succession planning, laying the groundwork to replace ourselves on the board, and establish a process for managing turnover.

  • We are in the second phase of Board of Director recruitment in 2019. Bringing new members on will be staggered with the departure of board members stepping down.
  • In 2020, we will proceed with one annual recruitment period beginning on October.

See y’all at church nites!

Curious about what else Houston Burners are planning in 2019? Click on the link below to join us as a member and learn more about events, art, education, and collaborative opportunities. And of course we’ll keep you in the loop on board nominations and business too. Looking forward to meeting you!

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