Upcoming Events

Many events are managed through the Houston Burners Facebook page and the UnBroken Spring Facebook page to keep track of upcoming events. However, we recognize not everyone has (or wants) a Facebook account. So, we’ve set up our Facebook page to be public. This means you can go to our Facebook page and view the details for events without needing a Facebook account or logging in.

*First Wednesday of (almost) every month is a Church Night gathering at the warehouse at 2016 Johanna Dr.

December 1, 2021: FIRST HUMP CHURCH NIGHT @ Warehouse: UBS Theme Voting and Art Car Project: join an art car decorating event

January 12, 2022: FIRST 2022 CHURCH NIGHT @ Warehouse: Art Grant Donor Vote: Artists Meet & Greet Night! Also vote which 2022 art project(s) to fund!

January 29-30: VOLUNTEER WEEKEND @ Warehouse: Volunteer Orientation, Trainings and Social

February 2, 2021: FIRST HUMP CHURCH NIGHT @ Warehouse: Theme Camp Initiation Rituals Night

February 11-13:  WORK WEEKEND @ Liberty Manor: “Steak your Claim” Theme Camp Leads Preview, City Planning, and Q & A
February 25-27:  WORK WEEKEND @ Liberty Manor: Mowing, Clearing & Trimming

*March 4-6: BACK UP WORK WEEKEND if needed*

March 11-13: UBS INSTALL WEEKEND @ Liberty Manor


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