Featured Theme Camps, Events, & Fundraisers

Do you have a pre-event Theme Camp fundraiser?

This is an excellent way to raise money, just ask Good Vibe Tribe & Cosmic Creatures. Email your fundraiser event details to board@houstonburner.org

Theme Camps Registered for UBS 2023:
  1. Cosmic Creatures: An open, inclusive, fun-loving group rooted in Texas (with friends from all-over the galaxy) that is bringing good times and amazing music to each event the camp attends. YOUR SPACE IS HERE! Our camp goal is to have a safe space for self expression, welcoming playful and creative souls from all walks of life. We are socially inclusive and value authenticity, respect, consent, and love for all.
  2. Sully’s Swag Camp: Your friendly neighborhood swag shop.
  3. LAGNIAPPE: Free Range Gaming
  4. The InterStrange: We are a self-service lounge, providing a quiet place to relax, and to have personal conversations. There will probably be a few classes and workshops in the lounge each day. And join us for the a UFO Story Swap, Friday night at 11:30.
  5. GreeterCamp: Just a few volunteers, close to the action.
  6. Portal to Fuckery – Bad Bitches with a Dumptruck: Bad Bitches and Dumptruck are creating a portal to Fuckery. Featuring portals to different dimensions and bizarre experiences : examples – portal black-light tent, otters in portals – game, Portal to hoe-down dance/fuckery space, portal to victorianess, Portals will be abound, ect.
  7. Dive Camp Trailer Park: A group of Scuba divers and friends. Social space, cocktails, omelets, and pendants – come visit us!
  8. Local Tabernacle: Burn your confessions at the local Tabernacle!
  9. Good Vibe Tribe: Immersive sound camp and artistic collective effort, spreading gratitude and positive vibes through participation and acceptance of all endeavors that help develop and sustain the UBS collective effort.
  10. Wally’s Cowboy Kitchen: Food and Bourbon
  11. Aphroditie’s Temple: A modern day sex temple loosely based on the ancient sex temples. Aphrodite’s Temple is a sex positive environment for adult play. In temple, sex is a sacred act. For more info: https://www.ladyboytemple.com/
  12. Punk Rock Kindergarten: 1) Make new friends, 2) Have a snack, 3) Dismantle the system.
  13. Camp Payaso: Clowns that make the world a better place (don’t quote me).
  14. Martini Bar: Chill martini making camp with background Sinatraesque music.
  15. Otternaughties: Frolic with phallic floaties at the river’s edge.
  16. Liminal Space Massage: Come to Liminal Space Massage for our signature cryo-whip therapy and stay for the galactic snacks. Bringing you the best psychedelic bodywork in our massage stadium along with a selection of snacks. Keep an eye on at the event list or our whiteboard for massage and snack times. Outside appointments available according to our whims.
  17. The Sparkeasy: There’s booze and lights! Come hang out with us over a drink or two and enjoy our space.
  18. SSPP Tight HQ: Shiny Sparkley things to share and have fun. Chill space to visit with friends.
  19. Camp I Dunno: Hot tub camp.
  20. Turn The Other Cheek: We’ll consensually paint your cheeks, or spank your cheeks! Maybe even both! (Body painting and kink area.)
  21. Jam Bam Fam: Communal acoustic jam space.