This section describes how to get reimbursed by Houston Burners for expenses you incur on its behalf.  This does not apply to any expenses for Unbroken Spring as those are processed through the UnBroken Spring Business Team. 

This process was created to  get people reimbursed quickly, keep appropriate accounting records and help the non-profit be prudent with the money the community has entrusted it. As a steward of the community, you’re strongly encouraged to source free supplies and materials before making a purchase.

Who Can Submit Expenses?
Anyone who has spent money on behalf of Houston Burners can submit expenses for reimbursement, subject to the procedures detailed on this page.

Step #1: Pre-Approval
Before spending any money on behalf of Houston Burners, please do two things:

    1. Get written pre-approval from one of the leads for the project associated with the expenses. The leads for each project are posted on the Organization page. Each lead has created a written pre-approval process. Follow up with your lead for those specific instructions.
  1. Make sure the expense was included in the budget for the project that was previously submitted to and approved by the Houston Burners board.

Step #2: Making a Purchase
Be sure to provide Houston Burners’ sales tax exemption number when making a purchase. We will not be able to reimburse sales tax as our non-profit is exempt.

UBS 2022 Submittal Deadline
This online form & Receipts must be sent to business@houstonburners.Org within 2 weeks of the event DUE by 11:55pm 4-3-22. Turned in after that, we’ll gladly send you donation receipt but no cash reimbursement.

Step #3: Submitting the Expense
To submit an expense for reimbursement, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form below and submit it (one expense per form).
  2. An email will be sent to the email address you provide with the contents of the form.
  3. Save or download that email as a file and email it to, along with the following:
    1. Attach a scan/pdf/photo of the written pre-approval you received.
    2. Attach a scan/pdf/photo of the receipt from the vendor legibly showing date, vendor name, items purchased, amount and form of payment.
    3. Make sure all supporting documentation is compiled into one email.
    4. Expense forms should be submitted within 14 days of purchase.

By submitting an expense reimbursement request, you are representing and warranting that: everything on the form is true and complete. You received pre-approval for the expense in your form submission and confirmed it was in the project budget before purchase. You have attached valid receipts for the expense in the form.

What Happens Next?
Your email and attachments will be reviewed to make sure they comply with the steps above, confirm the expense is in the budget for the project, and allow Project Leads to follow up with any additional questions. Then Houston Burners will deposit the amount by PayPal, check or cash.

To be reimbursed, expenses must follow the procedures above unless an exception is made by the Houston Burners board. Houston Burners reserves the right to change this policy at any time.