Effigy Design Submission

PORTALS by Cre8Nate
PORTALS by Cre8Nate

Congratulations to Cre8Nate for the PORTALS design.

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How will the design IS judged for grant awards?

Several factors are considered by the grant committee:

thematic consistency – how well they reflect the theme of the event, Door to Otter Space

visual appeal – how aesthetically attractive or interesting they are to look at, both during the daytime and after dark

interactivity – how will the effigy invite participants to interact with it? how engaging is it? how interesting?

safety – will participants be able to interact with the effigy without serious risk of cutting or impaling themselves, or falling from dangerous heights? if it’s seems climbable, will it stand up to people’s weight? if it has interior spaces, do they have adequate entries and exits?

burnability – is the effigy designed to catch fire easily, burn spectacularly, and collapse within a controlled footprint?

feasibility – can it be built in time, and for the allotted budget? if it has moving parts, will it work, and keep working for the length of the event? if the submitted plan includes a Build Lead, do they have the resources to complete the project?

Please email questions to board@houstonburners.org.