We’re a community-driven organization, and we value many different types of participation and support. Donating your time and expertise is appreciated and valued. Donating goods and services is appreciated and valued. Also, for those that are able, monetary donations are also appreciated and valued.

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What Are Our Monthly Recurring Expenses?

The pandemic has changed everything. And between postponing UBS 2020 until 2021, and getting the boot from our old warehouse space in an eminent domain claim from the US, our expenses as well as our income has plummeted. Unlike many of our individual community members, the organization is lucky that both went down at the same time. It has made it easier to manage while Stay Home orders were in place.

Now that we’re beginning to open back up, we’ll have the opportunity to open our new warehouse space the first of June! We’ll have to learn what socially distanced warehouse use looks like, and we’ve got some ideas…what are your ideas?

Monthly expenses are expected to remain the same as they were in the old warehouse space due to compensation from the eminent domain claim. That benefit is expected to last until March 2022. (We haven’t seen the money yet, but they assure us that is the deal.)

So, as in the past, each month we expect to spend approximately $1600 on our Community Warehouse space. This breaks down as $1400 in rent, approximately $100 in utilities, approximately $100 in insurance, and approximately $25 in supplies.

Why Do We Ask for Monthly Dues Subscriptions?

Since we have a long-term commitment for $1000 in monthly expenditures, we look to balance this with at least $1000 in predictable monthly income. The most predictable monthly income we have available to us is from monthly dues subscriptions. Currently, we bring in approximately $200 each month from 9 people. We hope to do better. If everyone signs up for the $23/month dues level, we need approximately 43 1/2 people giving to cover our regular monthly expenses. Some of you do more or less than that amount, and whatever you decide is good for you is good for the community too. Thanks!

How Do You Sign Up for Monthly Dues Subscriptions and How Do They Work?

When you Join this website and our organization, we hope you noticed that there were multiple types of membership, each with the same level of access. Many of these different types of membership feature a monthly charge to your credit or debit card. Please note that membership type can be changed or cancelled at any time by visiting My Account.

What About Fundraisers?

We have done many types of fundraisers in the past, but our annual event Unbroken Spring has become the main driver of funding for the community. Postponing this year’s event will ultimately be a blow to finances, and without community support there would be trouble. But we do support each other and we’ll find other ways to fund raise during this pandemic. What ideas do you have?

What About One-Time Donations?

Especially in these times, every person’s circumstances are different, and maybe you can’t make a monthly dues commitment right now. To make a one-time donation through Paypal, please use the button below. Once we are able to get together in the new warehouse space, cash donations are welcome as well. We have a tradition of keeping a box in the fridge for cash donations as well.

What If You’re Not Able to Give Monetarily?

That’s totally okay. You are still very welcome and valued. There are lots of other ways to give: time, expertise, goods, services, and so on. All of our memberships, including the Free Membership, have the same level of access and privileges. We need everyone active and involved to have a strong community, and we hope you’ll be moved to participate in whatever way you can.