Community Truck to Burning Man 2017

Houpla is once again running a truck from the Houston Burners Warehouse to Burning Man and back. The truck provides transport for the camp and its members. We also carry gear for folks not camping with Houpla, space allowing.


How Does It Work?

  • Buy a reservation ticket for your gear in advance on this page (see below)
  • Seal each piece of gear you’re shipping completely, closing it with a lock or zip tie where possible.
  • Fill out and attach the shipping label (see below) to each piece of gear you’re shipping, attaching it securely and covering it completely with plastic tape.
  • Bring your gear to the Houston Burners Warehouse on Saturday, August 18th from Noon to 4PM
  • Check your gear in with our volunteers and get each piece of gear measured, weighed, and inspected by our private security (see below on what we don’t transport)
  • Load your gear on our truck yourself, according to the instructions of our loadmaster
  • Your gear is expected to arrive on playa on Saturday, August 25th. You can pick it up daily from the Houpla camp (3:15 and Iron Giant) from noon to 4PM beginning Saturday, August 25th
  • You can drop your gear off daily for its return trip home at the Houpla camp (3:15 and Iron Giant) from noon to 4PM up until Sunday, September 2nd
  • Collect your gear at the Houston Burners Warehouse on Friday, September 7th from 6PM to 9PM


What Does It Cost?

Please note that we’ve been able to lower the prices a bit from last year. In general, we charge $8/cu ft for items shipped. However, we offer a discount for chairs, footlockers and boxed bikes (to as little as $7/cu ft) as these are easier to manage:

  • $5 per folding chair
  • $35 per footlocker (Sterilite, Contico, etc) no more than 5 cu ft in size
  • $50 per boxed bike no more than 7 cu ft in size
  • All other items $8 per cu ft in size


Things We Don’t Transport

Please help keep our drivers safe and out of trouble with the law. To that end, please don’t transport the following on the truck:

  • Drugs of any kind, prescription or otherwise. Our truck was pulled over and inspected by a county sheriff K-9 unit last year. These dogs are trained to find a wide variety of illegal and prescription drugs, and transporting them could get our drivers charged with felonies. Please don’t put these on the truck.
  • Beer, wine, spirits or any other kind of alcohol. The laws on transporting alcohol vary state by state, county by county. This is why USPS and FedEx don’t transport alcohol, and it’s why we can’t either. Please buy this on your way into Burning Man.
  • Gasoline, diesel, propane, or any kind of pressurized containers/canisters or flammable liquids. The cargo area of the truck is not air conditioned, and it gets very hot back there. A fire in the back of the truck could result in the loss of everyone’s stuff.
  • Guns, ammunition, fireworks or other explosives. These aren’t allowed at Burning Man anyway. So, please leave them at home.

As part of our check-in process, we hire a private security firm to check all the cargo going on the truck with a trained canine. (Sadly, we caught five issues during check-in last year.) Please consider our drivers and don’t try to ship any of the above.

Also please note that K-9 units are very sensitive. Please don’t smoke anything while packing your gear or while near the truck in Houston or on playa. Also, please don’t expose your gear to any of the materials above where they can absorb smoke or fumes.


Things to Note

  • The truck is a gift to the camp and community. No one is paid, and it’s a ton of work by a lot of folks. Please treat our volunteers accordingly. We reserve the right to remove anyone and their gear from participating in the truck at any time for any reason
  • Help keep our drivers safe. (Please see the list of things we don’t transport above)
  • Please, no refunds or cancellations. Only reserve what you’re sure you need. It takes a lot of work and planning to make sure the truck pays for itself while keeping costs as low as possible
  • Weight is a key factor for our truck and volunteers. Please don’t overpack your containers. No more than 8lb of weight is allowed per cu ft of gear
  • No unlabeled gear allowed (see form below)
  • No unboxed, unpacked, or unbound gear – all items must be easy to handle, and all bikes must be in boxes
  • We reserve the right to open and inspect any and all containers
  • We will not pay to replace any lost, stolen, or damaged items
  • You must load and unload your gear yourself at the designated dates and times
  • The truck will get very hot in transit. Don’t put anything perishable on it
  • The playa arrival and warehouse return dates/times are moving targets. The truck opened for unload on playa a day late last year because of the hurricane. In years past, Houston community trucks have been delayed due to mechanical issues. Although we do everything we can to make target days and times, please be prepared for delays
  • Private security will have a canine working at load-in that we pay for by the hour. If you bring a dog to the warehouse during load-in, please keep it away from the working dog so it can focus.
  • We love you. We’re sympathetic. We can’t make exceptions to the above, though, or we won’t have any drivers or other volunteers



(Note–click below to download / every piece of gear must have a label covered in clear plastic tape to ride!)




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