Center Camp at UnBroken Spring 2022

For the first time at UnBroken Spring, there will be a Center Camp with the purpose of hosting a shared space for participants to be present, create, express, collaborate and more. This event camp will entail designing the area under the pavilion to encourage center camp participation and depending on the Center Camp Lead and Volunteers, may also mean coordinating with visual or performance artists in advance and/or creating a sign up process on-site for performance.

There are opportunities to participate and lead in this new camp ahead of the event, and during the event.

If you are interested in being part of this camp, feel free to suggest an area that you could take the initiative to direct, such as:

  • Assist to create and curate an updated Google Docs form for the community to schedule and advertise events during the event itself. This can be shared publicly, and will include a core of center camp items and Major community events such as the Effigy Burn
  • Manage and share the fantastic roof, electric power, stage and seating area for community use.
  • Collaborate with operations team to put down two large billboard tarps 48’ x 50’ along with donated rugs and seating area items from camps to create a large space to create a potentially shoe free and relaxing environment.
  • Coordinate emails and outreach to camp leads to request a center camp donation of a rug or seating area furniture (playatech?), or piece of art. Compile this list for return after the event

Interested in camping with Center Camp crew, or assisting our BRAND NEW Center Camp Lead ZIP Sign up to volunteer or email