Burning Flipside


Looking for something a bit smaller-scale than TTitD? Looking to burn closer to home or more frequently than once a year? Looking for a way to combine Burning Man culture with a trip someplace exotic? Then a regional burn might be for you. These are more intimate gatherings that have the same feel as TTitD but with a smaller footprint. They take place every month all over the world. For some, regional burns are their favorite way to burn.

Local Regional Burn Details

You can learn more about the full Regional Network here. Below, we’ve provided a short list of local official and unofficial regional burns in easy driving distance in calendar order:

FreezerBurn Texas (Central Texas Regional)
Date: MLK Day Weekend (January)
Location: Paige, TX
Established: 2008
Approx. Attendees: 1,000

Unbroken Spring (Houston Regional)
Date: Spring Break (March)
Location: East of Houston close to Dayton (Liberty County)
Established: 2016
Approx. Attendees: 500

AlmaBurn (San Antonio Regional)
Date: Early April
Location: Near New Braunfels (Comal County)
Established: 2017
Approx. Attendees: 250

Burning Flipside (Austin Regional)
Date: Memorial Day Weekend (May)
Location: Between Round Rock and College Station, near Rockdale (Milam County)
Established: 1998
Approx. Attendees: 3,000

Myschievia (Dallas Regional)
Date: Colombus Day Weekend (October)
Location: East of Dallas, near Hughes Springs (Cass County)
Established: 2005
Approx. Attendees: 500

Engulf (New Orleans Regional)
Date: Mid-October
Location: North of New Orleans close to Kentwood, LA
Established: 2016
Approx. Attendees: 250