We’re a volunteer-run arts and education organization that celebrates personal initiative and responsibility. If you have an idea and are willing to work on it, you’ll find no shortage of willing volunteers. If you like to work on others’ projects, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to lend a hand. If you prefer to cheer others on from the sidelines, that’s welcomed and encouraged too. Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute however they feel most comfortable.

Getting Started

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Join this Website and Come to Church Night

The best way to get to know others in our community is to Join this website and come to our Weekly Church Night.   As part of joining, you’ll be added to our email list and gain access to our ticket sales for events. Also, each Church Night features announcements on everything that’s going on in our community.

Jump into a Project

We have some larger-scale projects like Unbroken Spring production (including prepping the land and building the effigy), as well as art projects going to Burning Man and various Regional burns, that last months and always need help from a people with a variety of skills.

And there are often smaller, shorter projects underway at any given time, that need help too.

Participating in projects is a great way to meet others over shared activities.

Attend a Burn

If interested, attending either the big burn or a regional burn is also a great start within our community. Come to Church Night to network with the people leading camps for these and make your interest in attending known. 

Deeper Involvement

Once you’re more familiar with our community, you’ll find that even more opportunities for involvement open up to you. Just a few of these are described below.

Houston Burners Leadership

Our organization is always looking for new people to help manage areas of our community. We’re growing fast, and there’s lots to do.

Project Leadership

Do you have an idea for a project, art-oriented or otherwise? All that’s needed is a willingness to volunteer time and see things through to completion.

Event Volunteering

Every event needs a number of volunteers, with many of the same roles needed across events. Training is sometimes essential for being effective in these roles.  Our own Regional burn, Unbroken Spring, needs scores of volunteers to make it run, as do nearby Regionals like FreezerBurn, AlmaBurn, Burning Flipside, and Myschevia, as well as the beach cleanups organized by our BWB friends in Corpus.

Here is a list of some of the opportunities to volunteer at Burning Man. Most regional burns also have many similar needs.