Church Night


Historically, each week on Wednesday around 8PM, our community has gathered to spend time together, work on community art projects, learn and teach new skills, and plan for upcoming events and trips.

Typically, we meet at the Houston Burners Warehouse; on the First Wednesday of each month. On other weeks of the month we meet at the warehouse sometimes, we meet at somebody’s house, or some other venue.  

To find out where Church Night is any given week, check the Houston Burners FB group  or the Warehouse Committee FB group.

Attending “Church Night” is a great first step towards meeting more people in our community and getting involved.

Everyone is welcome!

We are excited to plan future roaming Church Nites with you and are looking for diverse spaces to potentially host future gatherings across Houston. Email if you would like to collaborate in this.

Why “Church Nite”?

Why do we call our Burner get-togethers Church Nite?  What else would you call a weekly Wednesday night potluck meet-and-greet where community members get together to socialize, listen to announcements and volunteer to work on projects?  We’re not sure when or where it started, but Burners in Austin have been calling it that for years, and Houston Burners have been calling it that at least since Pharaoh hosted them at Autonomous Acres in the early 2000’s.  We’re delighted to continue the tradition.



Event: Regular Church Nite Gathering for the Houston Burner Community
Day/Time: Wednesday from 8PM (or so) until 11PM (or so); bi-weekly or monthly special Church Nights may include more extensive organizing and activities.
Address: Typically at the Houston Burners Warehouse, or sometimes hosted by a community member at their home.  Please check the Houston Burners FB group.

Animals are not allowed* at the community warehouse, the UnBroken Spring event or work weekends due to lease and contract restrictions per the property owners. 

*Service Animals are exempt, and must be pre-registered and leashed at all times.  Rights and Responsibilities of People Using Service Animals.