6 thoughts on “A Post With Discussion Enabled

  1. Kathleen Keahey

    Don’t think it does, but I like the comment thing anyway!

  2. Kathleen Keahey

    @neorolando just seeing if the at thingy works…

  3. Kathleen Keahey

    I completely disagree with your comment, but I totally respect your right to make a comment. Now I want to make one. It’s great isn’t it?!

  4. neorolando Post author

    The newest comments are shown first, but we can reverse the order

  5. neorolando Post author

    Threaded discussion / replies doesn’t seem to be working on this theme.

    Comments can be automatically closed after a number of days configured in the discussion settings.

  6. neorolando Post author

    I made a comment, isn’t it great?

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