Recruiting Board Members

We are looking for people to add to the Houston Burners Board of Directors, and we’d like to hear from you.  Do you know somebody you think would be a good choice for a board member? Would you like to serve on the board yourself?

Important changes to our best practices and bylaws

In order to have a more perfect burner union, the volunteer non-profit Houston Burners board has made three important changes to our best practices and bylaws: – New role: Ombudsperson (AKA ombudsburner) for community and board advising – New term limits suggested – Biannual, public board review process (chaired by ombudsburner) Please read on below for more information. NEW ROLE: Houston Burners is seeking nominations (anonymous, friend and self-noms welcome) for a community member to act on a limited basis …

UBS 2022: Checking the Community Pulse Results

Thank you to everyone who gave UBS 2022 organizers and community peers their perspectives on the event. The poll was open Jan 28-Feb. 13. For folks who did not get to express their opinions, please feel free to contact

UBS 2022 Path Forward

To provide a road map for our volunteers, UBS 2022 is a vaccination-required event, following CDC guidelines and recommendations for mass gatherings. Public health guidelines will be monitored now through a Go-no-Go check-ins of Feb 17 and Mar 1st.