Important changes to our best practices and bylaws

In order to have a more perfect burner union, the volunteer non-profit Houston Burners board has made three important changes to our best practices and bylaws: – New role: Ombudsperson (AKA ombudsburner) for community and board advising – New term limits suggested – Biannual, public board review process (chaired by ombudsburner) Please read on below for more information. NEW ROLE: Houston Burners is seeking nominations (anonymous, friend and self-noms welcome) for a community member to act on a limited basis …

UBS Volunteer Socials & Trainings

Find details here about upcoming socials and trainings. The social meet ups are a way to get to know each other, learn more about different areas and departments, so bring yourself and maybe a friend to get introduced to some new folks and the ins and outs of volunteering at a burn event.